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March 15, 1924


JAMA. 1924;82(11):886. doi:10.1001/jama.1924.02650370054018

Ten years have elapsed since the now well known demonstration that the fats of milk contain a substance of unique potency in relation to physiologic well-being. The precise chemical nature of the effective factor still remains undetermined; but for convenience of reference it has come to be designated as vitamin A. The manifestations of its importance in the dietary were first recognized in the return to good nutritive condition exhibited through renewal of its supply to experimental animals that have declined on diets adequate in other respects. Such failures of growth or maintenance can be averted by the inclusion of some source of vitamin A in the food supply from the outset. Severe ophthalmias may also be produced experimentally through a regimen lacking in vitamin A and cured by a restoration of this factor to the diet.

In 1914, Osborne and Mendel demonstrated that cod liver oil, a product long