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July 2, 1927


JAMA. 1927;89(1):30-31. doi:10.1001/jama.1927.02690010030014

The dominant rôle of the thyroid in the regulation of the basal metabolism, that is, the chemical changes or tissue combustions in the body that are independent of such influences as work and food, has become well established in recent years. Elaborate observations reported on several thousand persons with different diseases by Boothby and Sandiford1 of the Mayo Foundation show that except in thyroid disorders and in leukemia there is little variation from normal of the basal metabolic level. A similar outcome is found in comparable studies at the Massachusetts General Hospital. For this reason the exact measurement of the basal metabolism has become significant in the diagnosis and management of thyroid disorder.

There have been suggestions that the suprarenals also have a calorigenic influence in the body through the liberation of epinephrine. Both epinephrine and thyroxin accelerate the heat production in the body. Precise explanation of the nature