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October 22, 1927


JAMA. 1927;89(17):1429. doi:10.1001/jama.1927.02690170053017

Many years ago the late German surgeon Mikulicz described a type of chronic parotitis affecting the salivary and sometimes the lacrimal glands. The enlargement of the glands is symmetrical and the inflammation is painless. As has happened in numerous other instances in the history of medicine, no sooner was a carefully prepared description of the malady published than reports of cases corresponding to it rapidly became available. The first recognition of a disease entity seems to require the insight and originality of a clinical master mind; thereafter that which was formerly overlooked becomes commonplace.

The inflammatory enlargement of a glandular tissue does not of itself entitle the condition to be placed in the category of a disease sui generis, particularly when, as in the cases corresponding to Mikulicz's description, some are benign and self limited whereas others may rapidly progress to a fatal outcome. For some time there has been