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February 16, 1935


JAMA. 1935;104(7):553-556. doi:10.1001/jama.1935.92760070009008a

The discovery in 1926-1927 that the anterior pituitary gland secreted a substance essential to the functioning of the gonads has been followed by many investigations, which have greatly extended the knowledge of the pituitary-gonad interrelationship.

I do not wish to give the impression that important work in this field had not been done prior to 1926-1927. The observations published here and abroad at that time were only a final demonstration of the important role played by the anterior hypophysis in reproduction. More than twenty years ago dishing and his co-workers1 and Aschner2 had demonstrated that hypophysectomy caused an atrophy of the reproductive system. By partial gonadectomies, parabioses and the like it had also been shown that some extragonadal factor was essential to gonadal function. Evans and Long3 had secured excessive luteinization of the ovaries in normal rats by the injection of anterior lobe extracts.

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