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February 6, 1943

Current Comment

JAMA. 1943;121(6):434-435. doi:10.1001/jama.1943.02840060052014

THE NATIONAL QUININE POOL  This week to every druggist in the United States went from the War Production Board an appeal for quinine, supplemented with statements by Ross T. McIntire, Surgeon General of the Navy, Donald M. Nelson of the War Production Board and Jesse H. Jones, Secretary of Commerce. The Army and Navy need every grain of quinine that can be secured. "Even though atabrine and other synthetic antimalarials are being used in tremendous quantities," says the statement, "quinine is vitally needed for our soldiers abroad because this drug has a faster action, brings the malaria under control more quickly, and thus shortens the length of time the soldier is incapacitated. Quinine is also necessary for use in cases which cannot tolerate atabrine and other synthetic drugs." The needs of our civilian population for antimalarial drugs will be cared for by the development of totaquine, which is a mixture