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October 30, 1943


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JAMA. 1943;123(9):551-557. doi:10.1001/jama.1943.82840440005008

Certain fundamental principles of climatic effects should be kept constantly in mind when spa therapy is being considered. In many types of disease the climatic background of a spa will exercise a considerable influence over its possible benefits to the patient. Facts showing just how and why this is true have not been sufficiently appreciated by the medical profession; hence this article, setting forth the pertinent information available.

Climate is now beginning to receive the attention its importance warrants. Through its dominance of ease of body heat loss it largely determines the energy level on which man may exist in a given region, and we now know that much more than mere working ability is attached to this energy level of existence. All vital functions of the body are based on the energy derived from cellular combustion of foodstuffs, but as an energy conversion machine the body is not of