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December 18, 1943

Current Comment

JAMA. 1943;123(16):1050-1051. doi:10.1001/jama.1943.02840510044012

ASPIRATION STUDIES ON THE LIVER IN ACUTE HEPATITIS  The results of the studies of the liver in acute hepatitis or infectious jaundice by means of aspiration biopsy made by Roholm and Iversen1 have been confirmed and the work extended by Dible, McMichael and Sherlock.2 Biopsies of the liver were done in 56 cases of acute hepatitis including, besides the epidemic, instances of hepatitis following arsenotherapy and the injection of human serum. Differences were not apparent in the microscopic changes in the liver in the cases examined. The aspirations were made with a 2 mm. bore cannula inserted transpleurally into the right lobe of the liver. This method is not without danger from hemorrhage, especially when jaundice is present. The essential lesions in the liver were degenerative, necrotic and autolytic changes in the liver cells, especially in the centers of the lobules, with