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JAMA Revisited
September 26, 2017

Book Notice

JAMA. 2017;318(12):1190. doi:10.1001/jama.2017.10488

Originally Published September 29, 1917 | JAMA. 1917;69(13):1104- 1105.

Physical Chemistry of Vital Phenomena, for Students and Investigators in the Biological and Medical Sciences. By J. F. McClendon, Assistant Professor of Physiology in the University of Minnesota. Cloth. Price, $2 net. Pp. 240, with 30 illustrations. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1917.

Physical chemistry, that lusty infant prodigy, offspring of the union of physics and chemistry, has already come in many instances to the assistance of the practitioner, giving aid in diagnosis and helping in the explanation of physiologic processes. One has only to recall the most recent innovations of the determination of the hydrogen ion concentration of the blood and spinal fluids, the diagnosis of syphilis by the colloidal gold test, or the distinguishing of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis from tuberculous meningitis by the cataphoresis of the proteins of the spinal fluid. Hence a book of this title should attract the interest of practitioners and students alike. This book, however, makes no pretense to having been written for clinical men. It is rather intended for advanced students who already understand much about the subject.… It treats of such things as osmotic pressure, adsorption, hydrogen ion determinations, surface tension, enzyme action, permeability of cells, anesthesia and narcosis, cytolysis and disinfection, ameboid motion, muscle contraction, oxidations, artificial parthenogenesis and cell division. Truly an appetizing bill of fare, if only well cooked and seasoned!