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JAMA Revisited
April 10, 2018

Queries and Minor Notes

JAMA. 2018;319(14):1512. doi:10.1001/jama.2018.0761

Originally Published April 10, 1943 | JAMA. 1943;121(15):1250.

To the Editor:—In The Journal, Jan. 23, 1943, page 299, M.D., Puerto Rico, is answered regarding the current status of hypnotism as a therapeutic procedure. On the whole the reply is fairly satisfactory, but I object to referring to such a book as “The Science of Hypnotism” by Alexander Cannon, New York, E. P. Dutton & Co., 1937. Immediately on reading the reply I opened my copy of Cannon’s book, by chance, at page 87. It reads: “In disease the discomfort is produced by a deficiency in certain vibrations, including visual and auditory vibrations, and this means that tuning-fork of the body, the etheric-double (which holds the astral to the physical body and should not be mistaken for the etheric body, which is still finer than the astral body) is ‘out of tune’ and needs adjustment. The correct colour is found which is required for the replenishing of the deficiency of the spectrum, and the correct sound should also be dealt with, by the use of gramophone records, choosing the right type of music which corrects the deflected auditory vibrations. The etheric vibrations of the higher realms are still unaffected and can be adjusted by hypnosis or such state induced by colour vibrations alone, auditory vibrations alone, or better still, the two combined. Perfumes, all of which are smell vibrations, also affect the human vibrations for good or evil. This can be observed in daily life. The constant smell of animals has often cured certain forms of insanity. I have used the Irwin colour filters for producing sedative, recuperative and stimulative influences upon the mind of man. The Deighton-Patmore psychic light (which consists of a red lamp surrounded by an orange bowl) brings out latent mediumship and hypnophilia.” Unfortunately, such is the type of reference in one instance suggested to someone seeking reliable information. I hope you will correct this.