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January 9, 1937


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From the Michell Sanatorium.

JAMA. 1937;108(2):91-92. doi:10.1001/jama.1937.02780020009003

Recently Sakel1 and Dussik and Sakel2 introduced insulin as a therapeutic agent in the shock treatment of schizophrenia. Their reported good results have been confirmed by Müller,3 Wortis4 and Wilson.5 Glueck6 has discussed the methods and importance of this new treatment as carried out at Münsingen, Switzerland. Gross7 and Georgi8 have studied the humoral changes during insulin shock.

A few months ago I began to use this treatment, employing the technic described by Dussik and Sakel.2 Although I have observed only three cases, it seems worth while to relate my experiences because (a) this form of therapy is new and every contribution may be of some importance; (b) I have treated old rather than new cases, since it is difficult to evaluate and therefore to make allowances for the tendency to remission early in the course of the disease, and (c