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August 12, 1939


JAMA. 1939;113(7):589. doi:10.1001/jama.1939.72800320003010b

C. L., a man aged 37, complained that two weeks previously a foreign body had entered his right ear and that he had not been able to hear well since.

Ear drops had been instilled within twenty-four hours by the nurse at his place of employment. At the expiration of two weeks he reported to his physician, Dr. Patiky, who referred him to me to remove what was found to be a Japanese beetle.

I had to amputate the wings first and then remove the body. The legs or biting equipment remained behind, stuck fast in the ear drum. They were removed after some difficulty. A perforation involving a very large part of the drum was present. There was a scanty odorless discharge. Hearing to all intents and purposes was normal. The patient gave no history of any previous ear trouble.

Since the Japanese beetle is herbivorous, it is difficult