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October 25, 1947

THE CONTROL OF EPILEPSY: An Interim Report on 3-Methyl-5, 5-Phenylethylhydantoin and Phenobarbital Therapy

JAMA. 1947;135(8):496-500. doi:10.1001/jama.1947.02890080026007

A preliminary report by me in 19451 dealt with a two year study of a new anticonvulsant, 3-methyl-5, 5-phenylethylhydantoin2 and phenobarbital in a group of patients suffering from epilepsy of unknown or organic etiology. This new drug reduced grand mal seizures approximately 60 per cent, as compared to previous medications with diphenylhydantoin sodium and phenobarbital. It is important to note that phenobarbital was used in combination with both diphenylhydantoin sodium and 3-methyl-5, 5-phenylethylhydantoin, thus assuring a valid comparison of the two drugs. The incidence of side effects with the latter as compared with diphenylhydantoin sodium was strikingly low.

It was suggested in the first report that further investigations were indicated and necessary for more complete evaluation. This interim report is a continuation of the preliminary studies and encompasses an additional eighteen months of observation on the same patients and 51 new patients.

Since the first publication additional experimental