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January 24, 1948

PERIODIC DISEASE: A Probable Syndrome Including Periodic Fever, Benign Paroxysmal Peritonitis, Cyclic Neutropenia and Intermittent Arthralgia

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From Jefferson Medical College and Hospital.

JAMA. 1948;136(4):239-244. doi:10.1001/jama.1948.02890210023004

Because of their rarity, or because they are overlooked, disregarded or mistaken for other conditions, little attention has been paid to certain peculiar, benign syndromes which last several days and recur for years at remarkably regular, short intervals. In naming them the adjectives periodic, cyclic, rhythmic, episodic, relapsing, paroxysmal, recurrent and intermittent are used interchangeably before the noun indicating the outstanding characteristic, as noted in the title and in the references. In this paper, studies of 6 patients with periodic diseases, three featured chiefly by fever and abdominal pain, one by neutropenia, one by arthralgia and one by myasthenia, are reported and compared with those of similar and different periodic diseases which have been noted by others. Each causes, periods of temporary disability, which recur for years with predictable accuracy and uniformity. Since all 6 patients are under observation, the duration and outcome of their ailments cannot be stated.