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October 9, 1948


JAMA. 1948;138(6):415-425. doi:10.1001/jama.1948.62900060004008

CANCER OF THE ADRENAL GLAND  The adrenal gland is actually two glands fused together in development. In the human being these are known as the cortex and the medulla. Each has an essentially different origin, a different type of tissue and a separate function, but they happen to be enclosed in one enveloping capsule and tissue stroma.Tumors of the adrenal gland are not frequent. When they arise they can be basically classified as follows:

  1. Tumors derived from the various layers of connective tissue, blood vessels, lymphatics or nerve structures within the gland are of a type that may occur in any gland. They occur rarely in the adrenal. Tumors of these tissues which have been reported as occurring in the adrenal gland are as follows: fibroma, lipoma, neuroma, neurofibroma, myoma, osteoma, hemangioma, sarcoma, lymphangioma and melanoma.

  2. Tumors derived from the medulla are peculiar to that tissue and