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December 28, 1940


JAMA. 1940;115(26):2272-2273. doi:10.1001/jama.1940.72810520002009a

About seventy cases of congenital heart block have been recorded. Yater's1 review of cases prior to 1929 included only thirty cases of well established block. The criteria used by him and in subsequent reviews were auriculoventricular dissociation proved by a graphic method in a relatively young person, development of bradycardia at a fairly early age, and absence of a history of infection which might cause heart block. In 1934 Hays2 collected twelve additional cases. Since then about twenty-six additional cases have been reported. The age at which the diagnosis of heart block has been made varies from birth up to 20 years. Only five cases including our case have been diagnosed before birth. Yater,1 Witt,3 Heubner4 and Ottow5 have made a prenatal diagnosis of complete heart block. The diagnosis of heart block before birth has also been made by White, Eustis and Kerr,6