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May 19, 1956


JAMA. 1956;161(3):233-239. doi:10.1001/jama.1956.02970030051011

Before this report was placed in its present form, a preliminary draft was sent to 48 leading workers in the field of blood grouping. Responses have been received from: F. H. Allen, W. C. Boyd, G. J. Brancato, W. E. Briles, I. Davidsohn, W. Dameshek, L. A. Erf, S. T. Gibson, J. J. Griffitts, P. Levine, R. Murray, S. Raffel, W. D. Robinson, R. E. Rosenfield, J. B. Ross, S. B. Schatkin, M. Shapiro, R. T. Simmons, L. H. Snyder, W. H. Stone, H. H. Strandskov, L. N. Sussman, L. J. Unger, P. Vogel, M. M. Wintrobe, and E. Witebsky. An effort has been made to take all the comments received into account and to include all pertinent facts when preparing this final version of the report. Needless to say, this does not imply that the report has the unanimous endorsement of all those who responded. There was a wide diversity of opinions expressed in the replies, ranging from enthusiastic approval to violent disapproval. In fact, it was this very state of confusion among workers in the field that originally made it necessary to prepare this report. In arriving at its conclusions, this fact-finding committee has necessarily excluded all comments that, in its opinion, were incorrect or unsound and has included only those that the committee believes to have a firm scientific basis.