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September 21, 1957


JAMA. 1957;165(3):232-234. doi:10.1001/jama.1957.02980210028008

In considering otological advances to overcome hearing loss, it is almost right to say that no case of conductive hearing loss is without possible help by surgery. In the case of perceptive hearing loss, however, future advances will probably be more preventive than therapeutic. Among many causes of perceptive hearing loss, at least four are on the verge of a preventive solution. These are hearing loss due to (I) the difficulties of Rhnegative pregnancy; (2) the loss of proper blood supply to the ear following atherosclerosis; (3) allergic sensitivity which may cause degeneration of the nerve of hearing; and (4) loss of hearing due to exposure to industrial noise. Probably the major reason today for improvement in the avoidance of hearing losses is the curtailment of infections.