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January 17, 1959


JAMA. 1959;169(3):258-259. doi:10.1001/jama.1959.03000200056013

THE management of the diabetic-obstetric patient is an individual matter with each woman. The pregnant diabetic woman should be examined frequently, especially latter half of the pregnancy. She should then be seen once a week and, at times, twice a week. During pregnancy a normal blood sugar level should be maintained with the use of as much insulin as necessary. Diabetes frequently becomes more severe in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, and the patient may require more insulin during this period. A diet for a diabeticobstetric patient should be given, averaging 30 calories per kilogram of increasing body weight and containing 175 to 250 Gm. of carbohydrate, 2 Gm. of protein per kilogram of body weight, and a sufficient amount of fat to complete the diet. For example, a patient weighing 132 lb. ( 60 kg. ) would require 1,800 calories initially. An attempt should be made to limit the