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June 6, 1959


Author Affiliations

New York

Director, Information and Research Division, Health Insurance Association of America.

JAMA. 1959;170(6):689-692. doi:10.1001/jama.1959.63010060006018

Today seven principal methods are being used by insurance companies to provide protection for the aged against the costs of medical care.1 These methods have largely come into being in the past few years. These methods are (1) continuation of insurance on older active workers under group insurance plans; (2) continuation of group insurance on workers who retire and their dependents, generally with part or all of the premium paid by the employer; (3) continuation on an individual policy basis of coverage originally provided by group insurance, this being accomplished by conversion of the group coverage on termination of employment or membership in the insured group; (4) new issuance of group insurance on such groups of older people as associations of retired persons or employees, retired teachers and civil servants, and golden age clubs; (5) continuation into the later years of individual insurance purchased at the younger ages, including