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July 7, 1962

Negative Results

JAMA. 1962;181(1):41. doi:10.1001/jama.1962.03050270043009

Flavonoids in Hemophilia  Armand J. Quick, M.D., MilwaukeeDIVERSE MEANS and drugs have been proposed and tried in the treatment of hemophilia. Recently, the flavonoids have been added to this list. Because of their possible influence on the blood vessels, the midwest chapter of The National Hemophilia Foundation undertook and completed an extensive study to evaluate the therapeutic effect of this type of drug. Although the investigation was completed in 1959, the results were not published because they were negative. In contrast to these findings, it has recently been reported1 that beneficial results have been obtained with flavonoids in lessening hemophilic bleeding. It seems therefore desirable to present a short synopsis of our study and observations.The plan of investigation approved by the Medical Advisory Council was as follows: Forty hemophiliacs were to volunteer as subjects for this project, and the chapter was to distribute the drug and placebo,