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July 7, 1962

Deep Jaundice in Infectious Mononucleosis

Author Affiliations

USAF, San Francisco

JAMA. 1962;181(1):52-54. doi:10.1001/jama.1962.03050270054014b

DEEP JAUNDICE in infectious mononucleosis is generally considered rare. It has even been stated that a total serum bilirubin level of over 6 mg/100 ml. makes infectious mononucleosis unlikely. Nevertheless, the presence of fever, pharyngitis, and jaundice in a young person should stimulate the thought of infectious mononucleosis as the "most likely diagnosis, regardless of the level of the bilirubinemia. That this level may be quite high is illustrated by the following case in which a bilirubin level of over 19 mg/100 ml. was observed, and by 10 similar cases, found in the literature, with serum bilirubin levels of 8 mg/100 ml. or more.

Case Report

A 22-year-old airman was hospitalized on May 21, 1961, complaining of sore throat and backache of 5 days' duration, and of "stomach ache" of 1 day's duration.

Five days prior to admission he had developed myalgia, fever, headache, sore throat, and swelling in the

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