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January 14, 1961

Examination for Posterior Subcapsular CataractsA Preliminary Report of Results in Forty-Five Rheumatoid Patients Treated with Corticosteroids

JAMA. 1961;175(2):127-129. doi:10.1001/jama.1961.63040020028008

IN MAY, 1960, the rheumatologists of this group were contacted by Black and Bunim concerning their study then in progress, which revealed a 39 per cent incidence of posterior subcapsular cataracts (hereafter called PSC) in 47 patients with rheumatoid arthritis who had been treated with corticosteroids for two years or longer. It was suggested that as many patients with rheumatoid arthritis as possible who had received prolonged corticosteroid therapy by us be examined for PSC.

Subjects and Procedures  Because the dangers involved in attempting to draw conclusions from a small series were realized, and because we did not want to risk the possibility of chance occurrence, an intensive program was instituted. One phase of this program was to examine under the slit lamp as many corticosteroidtreated rheumatoid arthritics as possible in preparation for the discussion of the report by Black and co-workers.1 The second phase of the program