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September 29, 1962

Clinical Science

JAMA. 1962;181(13):1120-1123. doi:10.1001/jama.1962.03050390022006

Steroid Contents of Human Adrenals 

As Found in Cushing's Syndrome, Metastatic Carcinoma, and Sudden Death  George J. Race, M.D., Hsiao May Wu, M.S., Charles F. Hamilton, M.D., Jesse E. Thompson, M.D., and Dale J. Austin, M.D., DallasMUCH OF OUR knowledge concerning the steroid production within human adrenal glands was obtained from observations (1) on peripheral or adrenal venous blood, or both;1-4 (2) on incubation of adrenal tissue in vitro with or without exogenous corticotropin (ACTH) stimulation;5,6 (3) on utilization of radioisotopes;7-9 (4) on extraction of these steroids and their metabolites in urine;10-12 and (5) on extracts of individual glands.13,14The present report consists of chemical and chromatographic analysis of apparently normal glands as well as the glands from patients who had Cushing's syndrome and metastatic carcinoma to the adrenal orginating in the breast.

Report of Cases 

Control 1 and 2.—  Two pairs of postmortem

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