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April 3, 1967

The Great CPC Mutiny: A Play in One Act

JAMA. 1967;200(1):59-62. doi:10.1001/jama.1967.03120140117024

Areola: A delegation of clinicians to see you, Dr. v.

Von Acheron: Ach, Sonya! Petitions, distractions! Here on the very frontiers of knowledge! (Shaking head.) The captive specialist's lot, Sonya, is not a happy one!

Areola: 'Twas ever thus, Dr. v. Do I tell them you're at an Overdigitalization Committee meeting?

Von Acheron(rising, burying journal under pile of fan mail): No, send them in, Sonya. Might as well get it over with, eh? But be sure to buzz me in ten minutes for the Anti-Lay-Lab-League luncheon.

Areola: Will do.

(Exit Miss Areola.) (Enter Drs. Proctos, Colpos, and A PHYSICIAN, known but to God.)  Von Acheron: Gentlemen: By all means this is a pleasure! Come in! Come in!(Drs. Proctos and Colpos, in matching doublets, breeches, codpieces, boots, respective scopes in scabbards, feathered hats, advance to center. A Physician, in belled hat and shoes, otherwise motley, ten-speed stethescope head peeping