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January 20, 1962

Clinical Evaluation of a New Dextran Plasma Expander

Author Affiliations

New York City

JAMA. 1962;179(3):203-206. doi:10.1001/jama.1962.03050030017004a

THE EFFICACY of various dextrans as plasma-volume expanders has been well established. Commercial dextran solutions have proved to be safe and effective plasma-volume expanders, but the many chemical procedures required in producing dextran of proper molecular weight for clinical use makes the product rather expensive.

A single bacterial strain (Streptococcous sp., Strain DS-50) has been found which has the unique property of converting sucrose directly into a dextran of the appropriate clinical molecular weight. Clinical evaluation of this new dextran as a plasma expander was undertaken in 25 subjects. Immediate volume expansion, expansion maintenance, disappearance from the circulation, renal excretion, and efficacy in clinical shock were determined. In addition, patients were monitored for any allergic, anaphylactic, or other toxic manifestations.

Materials and Methods

A batch of Streptococcus-50 dextran was produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It was then processed and bottled as a 5.8% solution by a private laboratory,