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June 5, 1967

The Medical Chromosome

Author Affiliations

Bloomington, Hawaii

JAMA. 1967;200(10):899-900. doi:10.1001/jama.1967.03120230151036

To the Editor:—  It has been discovered by British investigators that criminal behavior is related to the XYY chromosomes.1 The picture of XYY males is of highly irresponsible and immature individuals whose waywardness causes concern at a very early age. That extra Y chromosome is at the root of the evil.Scientists who reassemble chromosome patterns as if they were jigsaw puzzles recognize their breaks and their bruises, as well as many standard abnormal forms. Have they practiced the Socratic gnothe seauton and searched themselves for aberrant or abnormal chromosomes? Psychologists begin with self-analysis and self-recrimination, and blossom forth with Augustinian cleansings of their personalities. Physicians x-ray their own bones on the slightest suspicion, and are cardcarrying members of the ABO, Rh, and M-N leagues.There is no reason to suspect XYY patterns in medical men, but if one examines their prejudices and activities (including their writings), he will