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December 4, 1967

Prevention of Injury to Urethra by Foley Catheter

JAMA. 1967;202(10):989-990. doi:10.1001/jama.1967.03130230115031

To the Editor:—  Identification of certain hemorrhagic lesions of the urinary bladder, resulting from the use of unvented indwelling catheters,1 whet my interest in other potential dangers inherent in the ever increasing use of indwelling catheters. One that has been observed elsewhere, though I have not seen it, results from the inflation of the retention balloon of a Foley catheter while it is in the urethra and before the tip of the catheter and the balloon have passed into the bladder.The increasing use of ancillary personnel, not always knowledgeable in the hazards of the procedures they are called upon to perform, makes this an accident waiting to happen.I reproduced this situation in a fresh male cadaver by inflating the balloon of a standard Foley catheter as it rested in the pars membranacea. The shaft of the penis was dissected free, and the distention of the urethra by