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August 27, 1973

The Boiled Fontanelle In Caida de Mollera

JAMA. 1973;225(9):1121. doi:10.1001/jama.1973.03220370059025

To the Editor.—  An incongruity arose in the article, " 'Fallen Fontanelle' (Caida de Mollera) A Variant of the Battered Child Syndrome," by Guarnaschelli et al (222:1545, 1972). In the case report, the authors state "... no external signs of trauma were noted...." In the next paragraph, they state that the infant's grandmother had subjected the infant to a series of therapeutic maneuvers. The last of these consisted of holding the infant upside down by his ankles with his head partially immersed in boiling water....I do not understand how an infant's head that has been immersed in boiling water can be free of signs of trauma two days later!The authors refer to Clark and Foster as sources for the folk treatment of fallen fontanelle.Fourth, the child is held by his ankles, with the crown of his head dipped into a pan of boiling water. After two or three minutes,