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October 8, 1973

A Community for Emergency Program Cardiac CareA Three-Year Coronary Ambulance/Paramedic Evaluation

JAMA. 1973;226(2):156-160. doi:10.1001/jama.1973.03230020024006

Of 1,240 transported patients, 70% were hospitalized. Forty-four percent of the hospitalized patients had acute myocardial infarction and of this group, 32% had a serious or life-threatening arrhythmia prior to hospitalization. There were 35 long-term resuscitations. Patients were treated by fire department paramedics in about the same manner as those treated by coronary care unit nurses and with similar results. Skilled personnel using an ordinary ambulance performed as well as those using the elaborate coronary ambulance. An intensive local publicity program markedly increased the utilization of the program without any increase in unjustified calls. The average call-for-help time was about one half as long when the fire rescue paramedic was called rather than when a physician was called.