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November 18, 1974

An Open Forum

Author Affiliations

Deputy Executive Vice-President AMA

JAMA. 1974;230(7):1018. doi:10.1001/jama.1974.03240070052032

JAMA is not just an official organ of the AMA, it is an instrument through which physicians and other professionals concerned with health can express their opinions, observations, and recommendations for judgment by their peers. All editorials are signed and express only the view of the author, unless it is specified that, indeed, the opinion represents AMA policy.

A series of indignant protests over the review by J. Harvey Young, PhD, of the book, Pills, Profits, and Politics (JAMA 229:1807, 1974) shows that The Journal is carefully and thoughtfully read, but that our editorial policy is misunderstood. Books are sent to reviewers for their opinions of the content, and the opinion is published, even though it may conflict with the AMA's or the editor's views of the book.

With respect to Pills, Profits, and Politics, we differed with the authors, Silverman and Lee, and also with the reviewer, but we