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November 13, 1987

Next Patient

JAMA. 1987;258(18):2529. doi:10.1001/jama.1987.03400180063022

To the Editor.—  I wish to express some thoughts concerning Mr Rodgers' essay in the July 3, 1987, issue of JAMA.1 I certainly agree with his assessment of racism, but racism is only one form of prejudice. His discussion was a good example of yet another ugly face of prejudice—regionalism, in this case promoting the myth that racism resides predominantly in the South. Northern cities are not immune from the scourge of racism, but since northern racism doesn't exist in the myth, this is conveniently forgotten.Having been reared in the South, Mr Rodgers should remember that children of many different colors are taught to say "sir" and "mam" to their elders and to those who deserve respect, such as a physician. As members of Spaceship Earth, we need to work together to rid our world community of all forms of prejudice.