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May 23, 1980

Walking for Pleasure

JAMA. 1980;243(20):2067. doi:10.1001/jama.1980.03300460049029

A renowned nightclub stripper once made a startling revelation. She maintained that while her admirers were noisily clamoring for further disclosures, they were hardly looking at the unveiled parts of her anatomy. Instead, they were observing her changing facial expressions, as she was peeling off her vestments. We, too, may be well advised to observe facial expression whenever we are after the naked truth.

If the naked truth that we are after is about the joys of jogging, let us observe the faces of joggers. When jogging was in its infancy, these faces were radiant. We can still remember the happily smiling middle-agers and oldsters who suddenly discovered that they were still fleet of foot and young at heart and that the open road and open skies were theirs for the running.

With the passing of years, however, happiness faded from the joggers' faces. Their expressions now border on unremitting