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June 17, 1988

Fake Urine Samples for Drug Analysis

Author Affiliations

Roxborough Memorial Hospital Philadelphia

Roxborough Memorial Hospital Philadelphia

JAMA. 1988;259(23):3408. doi:10.1001/jama.1988.03720230020016

To the Editor.  —I am writing in response to the recent letter by Drs Person and Ehrenkranz1 entitled "Fake Urine Samples for Drug Analysis: Hot, But Not Hot Enough." These authors describe a study they performed to discriminate between freshly voided urine and urine collected in aspirin and Visine bottles, which were held next to the scrotum or under the axilla for 15 minutes, on the basis of temperature. In every instance there was satisfactory temperature separation, and the authors conclude that measuring the temperature of the urine sample can uniformly discriminate fresh from previously voided urines.A more logical conclusion from their study is that 15 minutes is not a long enough period for temperature equilibration to occur. Considering the relatively high specific heats of water and glass, it is quite possible that, should the study be repeated with much longer equilibration times, deception on the part of