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November 5, 1982

A Survivor

JAMA. 1982;248(17):2165. doi:10.1001/jama.1982.03330170069037

"The procedure is all over, Mrs Greenberg. You're back in your own room now."

"But... where are the others, where have they gone?"

"What others, Mrs Greenberg? There are no others, only you. The operation is over, your hip is fixed, and you're back in your own bed. We'll get you up soon and in a day or two you'll be walking again."

"The rest of the barracks, where have they gone?"

"What barracks, Mrs Greenberg? This is no barracks. This is a hospital."

"They've taken them all to the chimneys! I am the only one left now! Why didn't they take me too? What did I do to be punished like this?"

"You're confused, Mrs Greenberg. Don't you remember where you are? Here, look at me. I'm your doctor. Don't you remember me?"

"They're all burning by now. Mina's thin legs are burning, Rachel's old hands are burning, Sarah's