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March 23, 1984

Meralgia Paresthetica and Tight Trousers

Author Affiliations

University of Alabama in Birmingham

JAMA. 1984;251(12):1553. doi:10.1001/jama.1984.03340360021010

To the Editor.—  Pressure on any sensory nerve can cause pain and paresthesia in its area of distribution. The carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common, but nerves other than the median can be involved. The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve can be compressed particularly as it passes under Poupart's ligament, leading to pain and paresthesia in the lateral aspect of the thigh.1 I have seen this problem in a number of truck drivers, most of whom were obese and wore tight-fitting denim jeans. It was apparent during consultations that the tight inguinal crease of their jeans was exerting considerable pressure, possibly aggravating a compressed lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. A number of truck drivers who consented to wearing loose-fitting trousers, albeit less fashionable, had notable improvement of their symptoms. The long hours behind the wheel, with the hips flexed (particularly the right as it controls the accelerator pedal) in conjunction