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AT THE 1991 Annual Meeting, Resolution 259 was referred by the Board of Trustees to the Council on Scientific Affairs (CSA) for a report on the evaluation of the safety of breast implants. The recommendations of Report M prepared by the CSA were adopted as amended by the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates at the Interim Meeting in 1991 in lieu of Resolution 259 (A-91) and Resolution 521 (I-91) and the remainder of the Report was filed (Policy 525.984, AMA Policy Compendium). Report M described the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory history of breast implant devices through August 1991. Because of continuing developments, including a voluntary moratorium on their use by the FDA in November 1991, the Council elected to provide a follow-up report (Report C) on this subject. Report C covers the continuing FDA regulatory history through October 1992 and

See also pp 2607 and 2608.