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December 11, 1996

An 89-Year-Old Woman With Urinary Incontinence

JAMA. 1996;276(22):1832-1840. doi:10.1001/jama.1996.03540220056031

DR DALEY:  Mrs S is an 89-year-old widow and retired accountant who has had urinary incontinence for 14 years. She lives in a suburb of Boston.Mrs S's incontinence occurs once or twice each night, when after being in bed for several hours, she awakens needing to void. As soon as she arises from bed, she wets herself, the 2 pads that she wears constantly, and her clothing. By the time she has reached the toilet, she has also wet the bedclothes, the bedroom floor, and the bathroom floor. She cleans herself, her clothing, and her bedroom and bathroom and returns to bed. She often remains in bed until 10 AM because of fatigue and lack of sleep. During the day, she notes only occasional "leaking," but never when she coughs or sneezes.When her urinary incontinence began, she was treated for a urinary tract infection. She saw a urologist