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January 24, 1885

FRAGMENTARY COMMENTS ON SOME OF THE PRINCIPAL METHODS OF OPERATION FOR "STONE IN THE BLADDER.": With Special Reference to Allarton's Method, Also in Combination with Lithotripsy, Urethro-Lithotripsy, Urethrotomia Lithotriptica, Including Besides Critical Remarks Upon the Discussion of the Progress Made in Lithotripsy and "Lithotomy" at the Late International Medical Congress held in London, England, and divers other subjects comprising the Urinary Organs.

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JAMA. 1885;IV(4):91-97. doi:10.1001/jama.1885.02390790007001a


Spasmodic Strictures, or Spasms of the Urethra.—When the bladder is to be sounded we meet occasionally with contractions, or spasms of the urethra, in the introduction of the bougie, causing great difficulty in the free motion of the instrument. Singular as it may appear, it is nevertheless true that the existence of such a spasmodic condition has been, and is still, denied by a great many surgeons. Since John Hunter first called attention to that phenomenon, most all authors on surgery, though they might have mentioned the subject, still kept silence. Their own knowledge was either very limited or they had none at all. It is indeed rare to meet with an author who has observed these spasms in more than one or another case, and it seems as if their mere mentioning of them was more for the purpose of showing that they were not ignorant of the