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September 3, 1887


JAMA. 1887;IX(10):289-294. doi:10.1001/jama.1887.02400090001001

LECTURE ON THE TREATMENT OF TYPHOID FEVER.  BY PROF. DR. HERMANN VON ZIEMSSEN,DIRECTOR OF THE MEDICAL CLINIC IN MUNICH.We now come to the physical and pharmaceutical methods and measures used in the treatment of typhoid fever. Speaking generally, the physical measures are to be placed above the pharmaceutical, though the latter cannot be dispensed with. Had we a specific means of rendering harmless the cause of the disease, of course our endeavor would be to administer it at the beginning of the disease. But we have no specific which acts in the same way as quinine in intermittents or salicylic acid in acute rheumatism. The only drug to which we can ascribe a kind of specific action, is calomel, perhaps on account of its entire or partial change, by the chlorine of the sodium chloride in the intestinal juices, into corrosive sublimate. I give calomel in 3 doses