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June 19, 1886


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JAMA. 1886;VI(25):682-684. doi:10.1001/jama.1886.04250060066003

I shall occupy as little time as possible with that material relating to corneal ulcers which you can find and read at your leisure in any standard work on diseases of the eye. Such works are numerous, and I dare say each one of you possesses one or more of them in your library, and that many of you are quite as conversant with the subject matter of them as I am. They all relate nearly the same story, except ing little differences here and there of minor importance. From them you have learned that ulceration of the cornea is the result of disturbed nutrition, and that this may be produced: 1st, by a vitiated or improper state of the blood; 2d, by an irregular and deficient supply of the blood; 3d, by a disturbance or a loss of the nervous influence; and 4th, by an unnatural state of the