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January 29, 1887

THE OSTEOPLASTIC RESECTION OF THE FOOT, as Devised by Wladimiroff and Miculicz.Read in the Section on Surgery of the American Medical Association, May, 1886.

JAMA. 1887;VIII(5):113-121. doi:10.1001/jama.1887.02391300001001

One of the characteristics of aseptic surgery is conservation; this is especially seen in the hesitancy with which, in certain cases, modern surgeons resort to amputations, and in their endeavors to devise less mutilating operations. At the present day joints are excised, partially or totally, and portions of the-tarsus or carpus are removed in cases where, in former days, nothing short of an amputation would have been thought of.

The osteoplastic resection of the foot has lessened, and is destined still further to lessen, the number of cases in which amputation of the foot above the malleoli is called for. The operation is indicated when the soft or osseous structures of the heel are destroyed so extensively that there is not sufficient skin or bone left on which the weight of the body can rest. It will thus be had recourse to in certain cases in which Pirogoff's operation or