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May 7, 1887

OCULAR TROUBLES OF NASAL ORIGIN.Read before the Chicago Medical Society, January 17, 1887.

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JAMA. 1887;VIII(19):516-517. doi:10.1001/jama.1887.02391440012002b

The close anatomical connection between the eyes and nose favors the spreading of disease from one organ to the other, by direct continuity of tissue, and also through the medium of the circulatory and nervous systems. Numerous pathological conditions of the eyes and lids are directly attributable to abnormal normal changes in the nose. Treatment directed to the ocular organs under these conditions will, as can well be understood, fail to influence them.

The lachrymal passage is the connecting link between nose and eye. The mucous lining of the lids and eyeballs is but a continuation of that, covering the inner surface of nose and tear ducts. This fact alone would suggest the rationality of seeking the cause of epiphora, redness of the lids and other abnormal conditions in the nose, provided the disturbances cannot be traced to local causes. Oculists have recognized this connection years ago. Mackenzie, Scelberg Wells,