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May 14, 1887

UNUSUAL METASTASIS IN MUMPS, With Report of Three Fatal Cases.Read before the Loup Valley District Medical Society, April 7, 1887.

JAMA. 1887;VIII(20):543-545. doi:10.1001/jama.1887.02391450011002b

The epidemics of mumps which are of frequent occurrence in almost every community, present some points of interest to which it may be well to refer. But little attention seems to be given in medical literature to the consideration of this disease. Aitken, in his "Science and Practice of Medicine," three volumes of over 3,000 pages, devotes one page to its consideration; and that monument to the progress of medical science, Pepper's "System of Medicine," containing about 5,500 pages, devotes less than six pages to the subject; J. Lewis Smith, in his work on the "Diseases of Infancy and Childhood," of over 800 pages, devotes two pages to this subject; and yet it is one of our most widely extended and frequently recurring epidemics.

Mumps, as it prevails under the usual conditions, does not possess a high degree of importance, even when metastasis to the testicle takes place. Under some