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April 11, 1908


JAMA. 1908;L(15):1167-1173. doi:10.1001/jama.1908.25310410007001c

At the last meeting of this Section our honored chairman, speaking of the ocular muscles, stated: "One... who has spent much time in investigation and has written largely in expression of his views recently said at the close of a most interesting address, `I feel as if I were only on the threshold of this study'," and also quoted another ophthalmologist as saying: "Ophthalmology is finished, you will find nothing new in it." These quotations are certainly reasonable cause for further thought on the ocular rotations, and perhaps the last word has not been said on this interesting subject. Carl Weiland may well ask: "Are our present ideas about the mechanism of the eye movements correct?" Furthermore, since the discussion of the paper, "Some Axioms Concerning Ocular Rotations," by our present chairman, Dr. G. C. Savage,1 I have felt much interested in the subject of the rotations of the