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January 19, 1889


JAMA. 1889;XII(3):90-91. doi:10.1001/jama.1889.02400800018003

The discussion on the yellow fever germ question bids fair to become acrimonious between Drs. Freire and Gibier. Dr. Freire so far has the last word, and in his reply to Gibier he makes certain statements that must be somewhat embarrassing. Freire thinks it a little strange that Gibier, who wrote to the Academie des Sciences on the 13th of February that it had not been possible to find the micro-organisms, either in the urine or the blood, should now claim to have found it in the alimentary tract. Freire opposes to the denials of M. Gibier several authors who, with himself, claim to have isolated the microbe of yellow fever. He names Rebourgeon, and in Havana Finlay and Delgado; from the island of Salut (French Guiana) he adduces the testimony of Dr. Range, whose experiments were published in the Annales des Medicine Navales, and he also quotes from a