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February 8, 1890

FOOD IN THE TREATMENT OF PULMONARY CONSUMPTION: Read in the Section of Practice of Medicine, Materia Medica and Physiology, at the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association, June, 1889.

JAMA. 1890;XIV(6):186-191. doi:10.1001/jama.1890.02410060006001a

Rational therapeutics must be based on sound pathology. As an element in such pathology we are justified in considering empirical results of certain plans of treatment, independently of the views which have led to the adoption of that treatment. The scope of this paper is therapeutic, but in order that the objective points of therapy may be clearly set forth, it is necessary briefly to allude to certain moot questions of pathology.

The term pulmonary consumption is used in preference to the term tuberculosis, because the prevailing opinion of the day regards that pathological product called tubercle as the result of the vital activity of the microörganism known as the bacillus tuberculosis of Koch‐while the therapeutic method to which attention is invited is not directed against that organism, its activity, or its products; but against the morbid process which permits it to obtain pabulum, and therefore to flourish, within the