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August 22, 1891

PHYSICAL CAUSES OF HEART DISEASE, AND TREATMENT.Read before the Section of Internal Medicine, at the Tenth International Medical Congress, Berlin, 1890.

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JAMA. 1891;XVII(8):300-304. doi:10.1001/jama.1891.02410860024001g

Corresponding Member Belgian and Italian Microscopical S cieties; Member of American Society of Microscopists; President American Branch Society of Science, Letters and Art, of London.

Things that increase the work of the heart are physical causes of its diseases, as follows:

A. Hæmic. That is from the blood and its vessels, including the heart itself. B. Trophopathic—from the food, to-wit: gases, fermentation, fatty and fibrous degeneration, catarrhs. C. Gynecologic—from reflex uterine irritation. D. Motto al—as running, lifting heavy weights and climbing ascents. E. Emotional—as, passions. F. Postural. G. Heredity. H. Inflammatory, etc., to name no more.

The limits allow only a brief discussion of the causes A, B, C and F. Perhaps it is best, as D, E, G and H are well understood.

We start with the idea that in health the heart can do its great work. We emphasize great, for we think few realize its greatness. It