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July 27, 1889


JAMA. 1889;XIII(4):109-119. doi:10.1001/jama.1889.04440030001001

The electrical treatment of fibroma which I originated has made great strides despite the railings of charlatans and incompetent persons; it is not necessary to refer to this subject again, because it is a child that will grow of itself, and is amply able to take care of itself. To-day I invite your attention to a subject of equal interest, I mean the treatment by electricity of salpingo-ovaritis, and I sincerely hope that it may have the same useful future, more restricted perhaps, because at present it is restricted to a certain number of cases, but in any case worthy of your consideration.

Salpingo-ovaritis is a disease which has long been recognized, but under names which I have changed very often: Phlegmon, pelvic-peri-tonitis, lymphangitis, adeno-lymphangitis, cellulitis, peri-metritis, para-metritis, peri-uterine, phlegmasia, etc.; all of these titles being used to picture a disease originating in the lymphatics, in the cellular tissue, or