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August 31, 1889


JAMA. 1889;XIII(9):306-308. doi:10.1001/jama.1889.04440050018004

Mixed Infection in Gonorrhœa.—Analagous to the definite sequelæ which are observed in various affections and which, as proved by bacteriological investigations, are caused by the entrance of various microörganisms into the tissues at the same time, are the various complications of gonorrhœa, such as inflammation of the erectile tissues, peri-urethral abscess, bubo, prostatitis, vesical catarrh, gonorrhœal rheumatism, peri- and parametritis, inflammation of the Fallopian tubes, bartholinitis and endocarditis. These are mixed infections produced by the gonococcus together with other pathogenic microörganisms. The author adduces, in substantiation of this statement, the assertion of Bumm that the gonococci develop only in cylindrical epithelium, or in tissues which, in their histological structure, are closely related to cylindrical epithelium, and the fact, as experimentally demonstrated by Rinecker, that when gonococci are injected into the connective tissues they disappear without leaving a trace behind them. Throughout the entire course of gonorrhœa, however, opportunity is