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September 28, 1889

SUSPENSION AND EXTENSION IN THE TREATMENT OF SCIATICA. A NEW USE FOR AN OLD INSTRUMENT.Read in the Section of Surgery and Anatomy at the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association held at Newport, R. I., June 25, 1889.

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JAMA. 1889;XIII(13):446-449. doi:10.1001/jama.1889.02401100014001a

So unsatisfactory have been the results of the various methods of treatment of sciatica that any means whereby this painful disease may be cured, or even palliated, will be welcomed by professional men and laity alike. It has been my good fortune, in the past five years, to be able to give immediate and permanent relief in many cases of sciatica, especially of the chronic type, that had failed to obtain relief by any other means than those I am about to describe. The method is simple and, in my hands, has proved in the highest degree effective. I can better illustrate by the recitation of a few typical cases.

Mrs. K., a young married woman, no children, had pain along the line of the left sciatic nerve for over two years. It was so severe at times as to confine her to bed for several days, and at no